A veteran team with a new mission

We're a homegrown team helping to grow our home

Our founding principles are simple… we provide industry-leading app development services to our local businesses and entrepreneurs while keeping our creative and tech talent close to home. We believe that there are boundless untapped ideas and talent in our home state, and that we are in a position to improve our communities by keeping the ideas and talent here in Indiana. 

As Indiana born and raised founders, we have a certain amount of pride in this state. With that pride comes a responsibility to move the state in a direction that serves our diverse communities, the people of the region, and the companies that are creating healthy economic growth. We may be a new brand, but we’ve been doing this work as individuals and within other companies for decades. 

Our values define how we live and work

The greatest organizations agree on and live by simple core values. While these differ across organizations, they all rely on basic principles of human decency. We chose our values based on who we are as individuals, who we strive to be as a company, and who we want to work with.


There is no greater feeling than to be trusted. We trust each other to bring our best each and every day. We trust our customers to do the same. We are all in this together… every project, every success, every opportunity to learn and grow.


Every successful endeavor begins with the openness to new ideas, new partnerships, and new experiences. We remain open-minded while striving to listen first, be curious, and bring our authentic selves to everything we do.


What differentiates success from failure is often just the willingness and ability to keep trying. The work that we do is complex and experimental at times, therefore we must be resilient in order to overcome mistakes and finish the job.


Focus and attention are the foundation of a great customer experience. In order to best serve our co-workers and customers, we must be fully present with them. We give our undivided attention and complete focus in all professional interactions.

We are always growing our skills and our team

App design and development are ever-changing fields of expertise. We place great value on staying up-to-date on the best and most effective ways to work with our clients and partners. We build learning and growth into our regular work systems and processes, allowing our team members the time and space to excel.

In order to best serve our customers and our community, we are always looking for bright and motivated tech talent in Indiana. We always make time to review inquiries, and try to meet with every applicant that meets our hiring criteria. If you or someone you know is interested in working with us, and are located or open to relocating in Indiana, we would love to hear from you!

If you are an app developer or UI/UX designer/developer based in Central/Southern Indiana, we'd love to hear from you!