We help bring tech products to market

At Boundless, we love working with entrepreneurs and founders to help get new ideas to market. Our founders have spent the past decade planning, designing, and building web applications and mobile apps for startups and established brands. Now we are offering our experience, and our connections, to ease the burden of getting new ideas out into the world. We specialize in getting app MVPs out into the world rapidly, and we have the expertise to take your ideas from conception through MVP launch.

We are proudly Indiana-based, and we offer preferential services to other Indiana-based entrepreneurs and companies. For those of you in other parts of the world, we would still love to work with you, and maybe convince you to set up shop in Indiana!

Find out more about our services related to startups and established companies below.

We are a full-service app developer for new founders and startups

What makes Boundless different from other app developers is that we specialize in rapid prototyping and efficient MVP launch, specifically for the first version of tech products. This makes us the perfect partner for startups or entrepreneurs who are seeking to get a new idea into the hands of users quickly, either for testing or revenue generation. 

In order to facilitate this, we not only do all of our work with a local team, but we also provide warm introductions and partnerships with Indiana-focused companies and funding opportunities. 

While we provide the standard planning, design, development, QA, and launch processes that most app development companies do, we wrap those processes in a system that supports new founders, early-stage startups, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We provide on-shore, local talent to companies of all sizes

At Boundless, we know that great new ideas and business opportunities can come from established companies as well as startups. Our team’s experience working with storied brands such as Purdue University, CICOA, and Jasper Furniture Group makes us a great fit for new app projects of any size and scope.

We approach every project the same way… with energy and excitement, and a trusted agile design and development process! We bring years of experience using modern, ever-evolving tools and techniques to make app development efficient, effective, secure, and scalable. From conception through launch, each project receives the dedicated resources it needs to get high quality code and a top-notch user experience to market.

Furthermore, we have industry-leading partners that we can rely on when a project is not the right fit for us. We share a founding team, and as many resources as possible, with DeveloperTown, one of the country’s most powerful app development companies. Our collective years of work have also allowed us to form strong bonds with many of the Midwest’s top creative, marketing, and technology companies, so we can help find the right match for your new product.