We deliver more than just apps for our customers

Starting a new venture is all about partnerships

Over the years, our founders have formed strong bonds with many different companies, agencies, consultants, investors, and venture capitalists. Honestly, we wouldn’t be here without many of these great people and organizations. Knowing that, we want to provide access to our network whenever feasible in order to give others as much of a leg up as we have gotten. Forming partnerships is the way we are building a strong tech ecosystem in Indiana.

Boundless has formal partnerships with several local and regional experts, and many more informal partnerships with great people across the country. We are always  searching for ways that we can link our customers to our partner investors, technology companies, creative agencies, and consultants. Each time we make an introduction or enter into a formal arrangement with a partner on behalf of our customers, we are providing new opportunities.  This can lead to insights, expertise, mentoring, coaching, marketing, design, and investments to help propel their products forward.

Our formal partners include...