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Your ideas are limitless. Your app developers should be boundless.

Our brand was born from the endless opportunities presented by founders, entrepreneurs, and startups we’ve met as app developers over the past several years. Our team has deep roots in the technology, product development, SaaS, and consulting industries, and we strive to provide our expertise to the creative minds delivering on the promise of a tech-enabled future.

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We deliver local technical and creative talent for Indiana founders

The Midwest is teeming with great ideas and has some of the best home-grown talent in the world. Indiana has some of the greatest technology and design institutions in the country. Boundless aims to help keep as much of the talent here as possible. 

We strive to pair great local startups and founders with the brightest local tech talent and creative minds. Together we’ll strengthen our communities, our state, and our region.

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We provide access to industry-leading partners​

We have partnered with venture capitalists in Indiana to help founders and startups vet their ideas, refine their plans, and build their web and mobile apps. We also have the backing of Indiana’s premiere developers, DeveloperTown, bringing a decade of development knowledge and operations experience. With these partners, we can offer top-notch services, funding options, and real-world expertise to each of our customers.

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